Monday, March 2, 2009

Week 3 And 4 In Review

Itś Monday a good rest day for the horses and us as well. So I thought I would put you up to date with the goings on in Gulfport MS. Last week Laura was our big winner with Ava. She brought home the Championship for the Pre-Adults and did it with style. Nate was a show stopper last week too! He racked up a first and second in the 3 ft Pre-Greens.
We had some fun with crab races during the week and it looks like Corrigan Trailer Sales won by a claw.
This week was packed with winners. Ralph won the Pre-Greem Division with ease and Kelly and Katie brought back first and second place ribbons in the Younger Adult Division. Tulip was very adorable all dressed up for the part.
Ariana celebrated her 4th Birthday and the anniversary of her China adoption. I also gained year in the last week. I posted a photo of Ariana at her party.Pat made some great food and we had several friend over to celebrate.
Ariana is having a great time and appears to be growing too.She has out grown all the clothes I brought that are 3T. So she is definitely taller and with Pats cooking she isn getting any thinner either.

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