Saturday, January 31, 2009

Horses Shipped Today

Today we got busy setting up stalls and getting organized for the horses to arrive.They are expected sometime around 8AM tomorrow morning.
Pat and Ariana went fishing today still no fish but Ariana held a shrimp today. She kept it at arms length but finally warmed up to the idea after I suggested a photo op. GO STEELERS!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Sunny And 55 Degrees

We made it! After a 19 hour trip with snow,ice and rain we are finally here. The house is beautiful! We are now waiting for the horses to arrive on Sunday. 18 inches of snow in Ohio delayed their departure so we are having some fun til they arrive.
Ariana is still waiting to meet Mrs Ippi. She is enjoying fishing,exploring, and feeding the Eagles- (Seagulls). Pat taught Ariana how to tie her shoes and eat lots of seafood.
Mississippi does seem to be recovering from Katrina but it is still very evident she left her mark. In our house there is a detailed journal of what this house looked like after the storm. It is totally reconstructed and looks like new. it is beautifully situated on the bay with glass windows to enjoy the view. I will post some photos tomorrow of the horse show grounds ect.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gulfport MS Or Bust

We are planning our departure to Mississippi on the 26th of January. Preparations include cleaning up the horses packing not only the horses but Ariana, myself and Yogi (our Yorkie/Corgi).This will be a nineteen hour trip by car and a two day trip for the horses. Pat Boswick the trainer I am going to help has a stellar line up of horses going down to compete. I will try to fill you in on each of the horses as they compete.
We are leaving sub zero tempatures and expecting to see weather in the 70´s down there. Some how this seemed like a no brainer when I was asked to go. Ke Ke my horse will be coming along for the experience so I am anxious to see how she does. Maybe if we are lucky we will be able to do a class or two. If not it will be a great experience for the books.