Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Week In Review

This week got busy so I thought I would try to sum it up for you.
We got rolling this week with Nate winning his class on Wednesday and having two solid rounds on Thursday. He really turns some heads when he goes in the ring. He is getting better each time out. I love his personality and he is such a love to be around.
Ralph was all pink on Thursday. He had two great rounds and a super hack.He was all business and was dressed for success.To Pats credit he really knows just how to make this Ralph shine.
On Thursday Katie arrived with her husband Brian. We were ready for the weekend. Eddie didn´t let his Valentine down. He and Katie sailed to a reserve in her tough division. It was a rainy morning both days but it didnt put a damper on this talented pair.
On Friday Laura arrived happy to see Ava with her slick coat. Saturday Ava and Laura took second in the Pre-adults hack and had two lovely jumping rounds. Sunday was the same proving in the near future they will be the pair to beat.
Kelly is busy getting all of hers ready for the ring next week and took the opportunity to do some schooling rounds with her guys today.
Ariana is enjoying all the comings and goings of the weekend and is pleased to have more people to listen to her talk. She really enjoys all the ladies Pat is helping. Each of them have been so nice to her and have offered to spend time with her which she truly enjoys. I am sure this is an experience she will remember for years to come.She is always tired at the end of the day but bright and eager to go the next morning.
Ke Ke is having fun too. She jumped in the ticketed warm up this week and was a super star.This is proving to be a great experience for her as well as myself. I am so glad I took this opportunity. It is one I will remember for a lifetime.

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