Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ariana And Buzz

Ariana asked me to forward a few photos of her and her new friend Buzz. Buzz is a fancy small pony she met here in MS. He is so sweet and his owner is a 9 year old little girl from NC.Ariana has been lucky enough to ride a few very nice ponies here. Pat has tried very hard to help her find a few good ones to keep her in the saddle.
We are again gearing up for what looks to be a busy weekend. The weather is looking more promising than the windy weather we experienced last weekend. We are still having a great time and can hardly believe we will be heading home very shortly. Both of us are missing the rest of our family but this has been such an awesome experience all the way around.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Week 3 And 4 In Review

ItÅ› Monday a good rest day for the horses and us as well. So I thought I would put you up to date with the goings on in Gulfport MS. Last week Laura was our big winner with Ava. She brought home the Championship for the Pre-Adults and did it with style. Nate was a show stopper last week too! He racked up a first and second in the 3 ft Pre-Greens.
We had some fun with crab races during the week and it looks like Corrigan Trailer Sales won by a claw.
This week was packed with winners. Ralph won the Pre-Greem Division with ease and Kelly and Katie brought back first and second place ribbons in the Younger Adult Division. Tulip was very adorable all dressed up for the part.
Ariana celebrated her 4th Birthday and the anniversary of her China adoption. I also gained year in the last week. I posted a photo of Ariana at her party.Pat made some great food and we had several friend over to celebrate.
Ariana is having a great time and appears to be growing too.She has out grown all the clothes I brought that are 3T. So she is definitely taller and with Pats cooking she isn getting any thinner either.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Week In Review

This week got busy so I thought I would try to sum it up for you.
We got rolling this week with Nate winning his class on Wednesday and having two solid rounds on Thursday. He really turns some heads when he goes in the ring. He is getting better each time out. I love his personality and he is such a love to be around.
Ralph was all pink on Thursday. He had two great rounds and a super hack.He was all business and was dressed for success.To Pats credit he really knows just how to make this Ralph shine.
On Thursday Katie arrived with her husband Brian. We were ready for the weekend. Eddie didn´t let his Valentine down. He and Katie sailed to a reserve in her tough division. It was a rainy morning both days but it didnt put a damper on this talented pair.
On Friday Laura arrived happy to see Ava with her slick coat. Saturday Ava and Laura took second in the Pre-adults hack and had two lovely jumping rounds. Sunday was the same proving in the near future they will be the pair to beat.
Kelly is busy getting all of hers ready for the ring next week and took the opportunity to do some schooling rounds with her guys today.
Ariana is enjoying all the comings and goings of the weekend and is pleased to have more people to listen to her talk. She really enjoys all the ladies Pat is helping. Each of them have been so nice to her and have offered to spend time with her which she truly enjoys. I am sure this is an experience she will remember for years to come.She is always tired at the end of the day but bright and eager to go the next morning.
Ke Ke is having fun too. She jumped in the ticketed warm up this week and was a super star.This is proving to be a great experience for her as well as myself. I am so glad I took this opportunity. It is one I will remember for a lifetime.

Monday, February 9, 2009

News From The Weekend

Today is a rest day for the horses so I have some time to put you up to date.
Our weekend was awesome! Katie came out reserve in her division after two great rounds. . Eddie is a good boy!
Desi and Barb brought home a blue on Sunday and they were solid in the ribbons on Saturday. Desi looked fabulous! He is such a handsome fellow.
Kelly and Cory arrived late yesterday so the horses are all settling in and they are resting from that 18 hour drive.
Ariana is having a great time. She is full of energy and is eager to be anyones helper. She is already missing Katie and Barb and is eager for their return next weekend.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Good Day!!

Today started early, early but what a great day it was!!
Ralph started the day out with a smashing round in the 3´3 Pre-Greens Placing 2nd and 6th. He was focused and really did some great jumping for Pat.
Next Katie put Eddie in the ribbons with two blues. He was stunning and did two perfect rounds. These two are a stunning pair that will surely bring home top ribbons this circuit. Eddie is a Hanoverian Gelding that is just 10. Katie is graduating from Law School in May.
We are all looking forward to Desi and Barb tomorrow. Desi has been a perfect angel from the first day of his arrival here in Gulf port.He is sure to be a winner too! Good Luck Barb!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

1st Show Day

We stayed busy,busy with our first show day. Ralph was a good boy and so was Ava. Ava was very nice for both her courses considering her age and # of shows she has attended. She was very expressive and looked the part. Ralph was a little fresh but still came out with a 6Th place ribbon.
The weekend riders arrived yesterday and today so we will have some fun watching Desi and Eddie go this weekend.
Ke Ke has now been trail ridden all over the show ground and is acting like an old pro. I am glad she came and this is going to be great for her and I. Enjoy the photos of Pat and Ava.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A great Day

No photos today! We had a very busy day with the horses. Everyone was really good today and everyone seems to be happy to see the sun. The footing down here is really awesome and the horses really seem to be very relaxed for the most part.
I got to ride Ke Ke today and she was really great! She settled very quickly and by the end of the ride she was walking around on the buckle. Good Girl!!
Pat rode all the horses in the ticketed warm up today and they were all excellent.
All of the horses are dropping their OH coats quickly but Ava is in the biggest hurry. I guess she is hoping to fit into her bikini before Laura arrives next week.
Ariana has just decided to join the Corrigan Trailer Sales crew. She loves Cory and has hitched a few rides on his golf cart which is always fun, She is having the time of her life. She is definitely going to have lots of good memories from this trip.